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New level 3 lockdown rules – What you can and cannot do

South Africa moved to lockdown alert level 3 today which means most wholesalers, retailers and other companies will open their doors again.

The level 3 lockdown regulations relax many restrictions which were observed under level 4, including extended exercise hours and allowing the sale of alcohol.

The previous 20:00 – 05:00 curfew is also be lifted, and accommodation and domestic air travel are now allowed for business.

Rules for restaurants have changed, and they are now allowed to offer delivery, collection, and drive-through services.

Starbucks, for example, said it was looking forward to serving its customers across South Africa from today.

Domestic workers and gardeners are allowed to return to work and minibus taxis and e-hailing services can operate at all hours.

Places of worship – including churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques – are also allowed to open under strict conditions.

While the lockdown level 4 rules have been eased, there are still many restrictions which apply under level 3.

Visiting with family and friends for social purposes, exercising in groups, and public gatherings remain prohibited.

South Africans are still required to remain in their homes unless they go to work, buy groceries and other products, or exercise.

Entertainment venues like cinemas, night clubs and theatres remain closed, as are gyms, beaches, public parks, sports grounds, and swimming pools.

The table below provides an overview of what is allowed, and what not, under the new lockdown level 3 regulations.

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