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How to give your shower an affordable make-over

The modern bathroom has become a haven, with functional and beautiful sanitary ware, including tiles, showerheads, taps and drains being readily available on the market. When it comes to updating your bathroom, there are many simple and affordable changes that you can make without having to completely renovate. Here are a few ideas to consider.


Create a sensory shower experience

The Cobra Spectra shower head range allows you to enjoy four different types of shower spray patterns without having to swap out your shower head fitting. Spectra’s easy touch remote, ergonomically fitted at an easy to reach height lets you choose from a pulsating massage water setting to the tranquillity of a shower steam, a full-body drench spray or shower jet.

Cobra FSWHR4S4-0GT0161 Spectra E-Touch Shower head with Remote - Chrome (178mm) priced at around R1 995 at Builders

Wall-mounted vs Ceiling-mounted

A rain shower feels extravagant, but it’s an affordable way to elevate your shower by simply switching out the old with something new. They’re usually a simple DIY project that doesn’t require much work. Rain shower wall installations may spray on an angle but you can get an extendable shower arm to move the rain shower above your head without the need to install new piping. Ceiling-mounted rain showers work a bit differently. If you don’t currently have a ceiling-mounted shower head, then you'll need the required piping to be installed by a plumber.

Rotary Nozzle Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head System for R3 524.14 at Light in the Box


Refresh your towel rods with rings

A towel ring is a great solution for a cramped bathroom with little space. Fit a ring into a narrow space where a towel bar won't fit, or attach one on the back of the door or under a shelf. In a busy family bathroom, give each member a towel ring to help keep things organized. Place multiple towel rings at evenly spaced, staggered heights to accommodate adults as well as youngsters or those with limited reaching ability. Mount a towel ring within easy reach of the tub or shower. If you have a shower door, place the ring on the side the door opens.

Bathroom Bizzare shower ring priced at R525 from


Choosing Modern vs traditional

Drainage is of the utmost importance, so be sure to choose a drain with a hair trap and a cover that can be easily removed to clean and prevent unnecessary blockages. The Traditional floor drain comes with an integrated hair trap, standard drain cover, a high drainage capacity and self-cleaning syphon, which allows the water to drain quickly, preventing a build-up of water in your shower and giving you a pleasurable showering experience. A shower channel, however creates a modern look and these can also be customised to your tile so that it appears to disappear into the floor.

Channel shower waste and trap In black finish for R2 600 at Victorian


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