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Cybunker is a futuristic shelter concept for off-grid living — and the Tesla Cybertruck

If you’re a fan of the Tesla Cybertruck, you’ll love the Cybunker, a futuristic, modular architecture concept by New York-based firm Lars Büro that not only complements the electric truck’s futuristic design but is also spacious enough to fit the vehicle that some say looks too large to fit into the average garage. But the Cybunker doesn’t have to be used as a home for cars — the flexible structure could also be used as an off-grid residence powered by solar energy.

Taking cues from the Tesla Cybertruck, renderings of the Cybunker show a sharply angular structure constructed from rigid steel that is topped with a sloped, solar panel-lined roof. Its additive architecture allows the structure to be expanded from a 600-square-foot base size to 1,800 square feet. If commissioned as a 600-square-foot garage, the Cybunker would come with two folding gates that open up to fit a variety of equipment and vehicles. For use as a home or other programs, the Cybunker can be customized with a variety of interior layout options.

Panels of armored glass punctuate the building’s steel envelope, which the designers said will be engineered to withstand the “toughest environmental conditions.” A roof of solar panels and rainwater collection systems can create a microgrid for off-grid use. The cisterns, battery bank, pumps and other utilities and computer systems would be located at the base of the building in an infrastructural “motherboard.”

“This is a real product,” said Daniel Bidot-Betancourt, business development director for Lars Büro. “We’re currently in the engineering phase and are planning on releasing pricing and availability details early 2020. All interested parties should email us at to receive updates.”

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