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9 Mega Infrastructure Projects planned for SA

Patricia de Lille has gazetted the registration of nine infrastructure projects with Infrastructure South Africa (ISA).

The gazette was used to modify the nation's Strategic Integrate Projects (SIPs), particularly those that had an impact on the energy industry.

De Lille claims that the SIPs will expedite the Just Energy Transition, the Green Housing National Plan, and the Oil & Gas National Program.

The government expedites the procurement process and project administration by designating certain initiatives as Strategic Integration Projects (SIPS).

De Lille stated previously: “This means that all processes relating to the implementation of SIPs, including processes relating to any application for any approval, authorisation, licence, permission or exemption and processes relating to any consultation and participation now run concurrently instead of the usual process which is sequential.”

These projects pertain to the nation's energy industry, including those in the green hydrogen field, they officially get underway with the publishing of the most recent gazette.

The projects that will be expedited by SIPs were identified by De Lille as follows:

  • The Prieska Power Reserve in the Northern Cape

  • The Ubuntu Green Energy Hydrogen Project in Northern Cape

  • Boegoebaai Green Hydrogen Development Programme in the Northern Cape

  • Atlanthia Green Hydrogen in the Western Cape

  • Upilanga Solar and Green Hydrogen Park in the Northern Cape

  • Sasolburg Green Hydrogen Programme in the Free State

  • SASOL HySHiFT (Secunda) in Mpumalanga

  • HIVE Ammonia in the Eastern Cape

  • Hydrogen Valley Programme of Anglo-American and their JV Partners

She noted that the following projects are still waiting for final information before registration with ISA can proceed:

  • Mainstream Renewable Energy Hydrogen in the Western Cape

  • AMSA Saldanha Steel Hydrogen project in the Western Cape

  • Enertrag Postmasburg Project. (Ammonia) in the Northern Cape

  • HDF Energy Renewable Energy, IPM 1 in Mpumalanga

  • Enertrag Indigen Project (e-methanol) in the Eastern Cape

  • Isondo Fuel Cell MEAs Manufacturing in Gauteng

  • Isondo / NCP Vehicles in Gauteng

  • Saldanha Bay Green Hydrogen Project

  • Project Phoenix Fuel Cell Manufacturing in Free State

  • Cape Stack in the Western Cape

  • Bambili Hyplat Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Green hydrogen has been identified as a hotspot in South Africa. According to Infrastructure South Africa (ISA), it has collected R300 billion in total just for financing green hydrogen projects.

De Lille stated that even with such a sizable amount of funds being made available, more work needs to be done in order for future projects to be completed.

President Cyril Ramaphosa declared that South Africa is committed to becoming a global leader in green hydrogen late last month when addressing the nation's first Green Hydrogen Summit.

“South Africa has many inherent advantages that make it internationally competitive in the production of green hydrogen, said Ramaphosa. “These include a world-class endowment of both onshore wind and solar irradiation.”

2.4 million tons of grey hydrogen are already produced locally and used for consumption, claims Ramaphosa. He continued by saying that initiatives like those involving renewable energy offer a special chance for the nation to spur industrialization.

According to Ramaphosa, South Africa is a must-have location for foreign investment in green energy.

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