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If your project has provisional amounts you can specify which categories (eg. Electrical) they apply to as well as specify points/measurements.
(Note: To add values to your provisional amounts you need to visit the Estimating tab)

00:53 min

1.   On the PocketQS home dashboard, click on the takeoff button. (Video 00:15)

1. Open Takeoff Screen.jpg

2.   Select a category from the category nav-bar on the left and then select 'Provisional Sums', and finally select 'Add Point' (Video: 00:18)

2. Select Provisional Sums.jpg

3.   Identify the first point/measurement
(Video: 00:23

3. identify point.jpg

4.   In the pop-up set the name  (Video 00:26)

  • Then click enter

4. Re-name & Enter.jpg

5.   You can now identify the additional points/measurements (Video 00:30)

  • You will see a list of points/measurements in the dimensions tab grow as you add points/measurements.

5. Identify other points.jpg

6.   To delete an individual point/measurement click on the delete (dustbin) icon next to the points name (Video 00:35)

5. Delete a point.jpg

7.   To delete all points/measurements in the set click on the delete (dustbin) icon next to
'set #'  
(Video 00:38)

6. Delete set.jpg

8.   If you delete a point/measurement or delete the set, don't forget to click on the Save icon.
(Video 00:41)

8. Save.jpg

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