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Running deductions is there to deduct the area of the doors and windows from masonry, plaster & paint and improve estimate accuracy.

1:50 min


You must have already calibrated your drawing.

You must have already measured the category you want to deduct from.

1.   Select the category Doorframes & Doors or Windows from the Category Nav-Bar (right hand side) (Video 01:17)

  • Select a material sub-category

  • Select a door/window type

1. Select Category.jpg

2.   Single click on the drawing to mark the door/window (Video 01:25)

2. Click to place door.jpg

3.   Fill in the details of the door/window you just marked. (Video 01:28)

  • Deselect doorframe anchors and door stops (if relevant).

  • Click Enter

3. Confirm Details.jpg

4.   Click run deductions. (Video 00:52)

4. Click Run Deductions.jpg

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