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Calibrate your drawings to begin takeoff by using the calibrate tool (on the right hand side); single clicking on a point and double clicking on the end point.

1:15 min

1.   On the PocketQS home dashboard, click on the takeoff button. (Video 00:23)

1. Open Takeoff Screen.jpg

2.   Ensure the correct drawing has been selected.

  • If correct drawing selected, skip to step 3.

  • If incorrect drawing selected, open the drawings & documents tab. Then, select the correct drawing by hovering over the drawing and clicking on the takeoff icon (middle) (Video 00:28)

2. Select the correct drawing.jpg

3.   Rename the level. (Video: 00:38

3. Rename Floor Level.jpg

4.   Select the Calibrate Tool.  (Video 00:50)

4. Select Calibrate Tool.jpg

5.   Calibrate the drawing. (Video 00:52)

  • Single Click on the starting point.

  • Double Click on the end point 

  • Convert distance into Meters
    eg. 17460 mm = 17,46 m

5. Map out corners.jpg

6.   Fill in measurements(Video 00:57)

  • Fill in value converted into meters in the Actual Distance Field

  • Select Meters from the drop down options next to Actual Unit

  • Click Done

6. Fill in details.jpg

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