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1.   On the PocketQS home dashboard, click on the 'Takeoff' button. 

1. Open Takeoff Screen.jpg

2.   Click on the 'Estimating' Tab

  • Select a phase if applicable.

       (Click here for a step-by-step guide)

2. Estimating Tab.jpg

3.   Select the category from the list of categories on the left

  • Select a level from the drop down options under the category name.

  • Select a sub category from the drop down options under the level selected.

       (Click here for a step-by-step guide)

1. Select category.jpg

4.   Select the 'Material' tab

3. Material Tab.jpg

5.   View & Edit details of the relevant materials applicable to the selected sub category in the specification options box in the middle.

1. Specifications option.jpg

6.   Use the toggle switch to add or remove default materials  (Blue = activated)

3. Activation toggle.jpg

7.   Add & Remove new materials by clicking on the 'Add Product' Button (Top right)

4. Add product.jpg

8.   Swop in your preferred material type by clicking on the material name, and selecting the preferred material.

5. Preffered material.jpg

9.   Set your material rate (excluding

6. Set rate.jpg

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