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They are building sustainable and affordable housing in Uganda

Working with Stage Six and Échale International, Marc Thorpe Design developed a plan for sustainable, ecologically responsible housing in Uganda. The nation is short on 2.1 million housing units, a number that is growing by 200,000 units a year. The collaboration aims to alleviate the housing market issues.

Kampala House is constructed with EcoBlock. This compressed earth brick comprises of 90% local soil and 10% cement, lime, sand and water. EcoBlock is ecologically sustainable and an amazing acoustic and thermal insulator. This is the first in a series of new houses planned for Uganda.

The house is surrounded by a big terrace that provides outdoor living space. It also has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, kitchen and living room. The kitchen has an exterior wood-burning stove because outdoor cooking is popular in Uganda.

It’s all covered with a corrugated steel and wood roof that supports the solar array. Rainwater collection is stored in the large water tower nearby. Each home will have its own water tower to provide a network where water can be stored and shared during droughts.

Additionally, these buildings are made from local materials and made to honor the natural world around them. It’s a plan that many other cities may choose to follow, with any luck.

Stage Six applies a franchising model to social projects to address housing, sanitation, clean energy, education, water, nutrition and health needs. Échale’s mission is to create sustainable commercial developments. Lastly, Marc Thorpe Design is an internationally known architect and industrial designer.



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