In short, dry-lining is the application of plasterboard directly to the internal brick (or block) walls.

The plasterboard is fixed using mortar based glue.

There is no nail or screw holes which means the only finishing is at the recessed edge joints,

The joints are the same as those found in almost all ceilings. This system can be used in new construction or to hide old and tired looking brickwork.

Time Saving

The dry-lining can be carried out at the same time as the ceilings so apart from the increased speed of application (when compared with float and set) the walls and ceilings would be completed at the same time and there would be no down time waiting for the trades to become available.

Minimise Maintenance

Anecdotal evidence clearly indicates that the occurrence of ‘cornice cracking’ is highly minimised if not eliminated when the dry-lining system is used. This is fundamentally due to the materials being joined at the cornice are not dissimilar as is the case with cornice over plaster set walls.