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Smart solar leaf lights will light up the streets for the World Cup in Qatar

The sustainability plan for Qatar's World Cup hosting included the installation of decorative off-grid solar street lighting from the United States. The nation will host the well-known event before the end of 2022 and has developed a green plan to make it as sustainable as feasible.

For this effort, Doha erected 350 totally off-grid solar street lights. Texas-based EnGoPlanet produced the distinctive lights. The EnGo Leaf design for the solar street light earned an A' Design Award for Street Furniture Design. Additionally, they have previously been put in place in Nevada, Texas, Antigua, and Barbuda, among other places.

EnGoPlanet specializes on smart solar furniture and solar street lighting for public infrastructure. Bus shelters and solar-powered park benches are a couple of examples. These are a part of the movement to create smart cities that will fuel a global future powered by clean, sustainable energy.

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