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Save time by using the copy tool to copy one measurement to multiple categories with the came measurement. (Limited to copying same measurement format eg. Area or perimeter etc.)

1:50 min


You must have already calibrated your drawing.

You must have already measured the category you want to copy from.

1.   Select the copy tool from the tool bar (right hand side) (Video 00:23)

1. Select Copy Tool.jpg

2.   Select the measurement from the category you want to copy from (Left hand side of pop up) (Video 00:29)

1. Select Measurment.jpg

3.   Select multiple categories you want to copy the measurement to. (Video 00:37)

3. Select Categories.jpg

4.   Click on next. (Video 00:52)

4. Click Next.jpg

5.   Enter the relevant dimensions for the categories you are copying to. (Video 00:57)

5. Fill in dimensions.jpg

6.   Click Finish.

6. Click Finish.jpg

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