Estimating Services 


  • All businesses need to generate profit in order to survive, our Building Cost Estimate contains the accurate industry based prices for building materials, labour, site expenses and equipment. Our price file is current and updated every 3 months. Outsourcing your estimating requirements can be extremely cost effective, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your tenders are competitive and reflect current market prices.The Construction Estimating Services we offer will reduce your wastage and improve your cash flow planning whilst at the same time increasing your profits.

  •  Improve quality control by ensuring the correct product is used in the correct application during construction as set out in our Building Cost Estimate, our calculations of materials are based on the South African National Building Regulations.

  • Tender price is driven by regional supply and demand factors which fluctuate on a monthly basis. Although material costs can remain stable for up to 90 days, many building companies fail to adapt their pricing structure to take into account changes in labour and equipment costs.

  • The Building Cost Estimate is compiled to follow the construction process which makes the ordering of the correct quantity of material for each stage of the building project easy and illuminates over ordering. Having the correct quantity of materials on site at the correct time ensures that unnecessary capital is not tied up in materials that will only be installed later in the construction process which improves cash flow.

  • By outsourcing your quotes less time is spent on admin and more time can be spent on sourcing work and ensuring that projects are run properly.

  • Our assisting roles include:

    •  Pre-Acquisition Appraisals and tender validation

    •  Cost Estimating

    •  Cost Control and Reporting

    •  Programming of Construction Works

    •  Progress reporting

    •  Progress claims and certification

    •  Contract administration in terms of Contractor/Client agreement




  • Purchasing a plot of land and building your own home takes a great deal of planning and commitment.

  • Most people will fall into the trap of borrowing to little or too much money, because they do not realize the true costs from the start.

  • Intellibuild can be your partner through the whole building process assisting you and keeping you on track from the very start. You will be able to plan and refine your budget with ease of mind, knowing how much things will cost and the correct quantities to order.

  • Our Building Cost Estimate will provide accurate prices for materials, labour, site expenses and equipment which will provide you with valuable information pertaining to the true Building Cost of your planned project.

  • Make an informed decision when purchasing materials or contracting a builder for the construction of your project, by making use of our BOQ (Bill of Quantities) the Owner Builder can obtain competitive tenders from suppliers or conclude efficient negotiations with contractors.



  • The feasibility of any development hinges around a thorough project feasibility report which forms the basis for any finance application.

  • As Property Developer we can assist you in drafting comprehensive finance applications which consists of:

    •  Building costs with full estimate report

    •  Pre-contract escalation

    •  Contract escalation

    •  Professional fees

    •  Development costs

    •  Finance charges and Interim interest

    •  Allowance for Input Tax Credits

  • The more complete and professional a Finance application is presented to the financial institution, the greater the chance for approval.



  • Our Building Cost Estimate provide the perfect add-on to the Architect’s service, by including it as part of the package the client gains full insight into the expected cost of the proposed design before time of tender. Based on the Cost Estimate adjustments and revisions can be made to the design in the early stages of planning. Changes to design become costly once construction teams have moved on site.

  • IntelliBUILD can consult with both Architect and Client to discuss the cost implication of various design options, which benefits the client greatly when the final design has to be considered.

  • By engaging a cost specialist in the planning stage of the project great value is added to the overall affordability of the proposed design.



  • By offering your customers a low cost comprehensive fully integrated Project Estimating service your existing account holders will do more business with you and you will in turn attract more clients.

  • Improve sales by actively monitoring progress on your client’s projects with your Building Cost Estimate, by ensuring that quotes on materials reach clients at the correct time and for the correct quantity success rates will greatly improve.

  • IntelliBUILD provide you with monthly sales reports distributed to all sales reps which consist of details pertaining to estimates completed for your clients. This ensures that no leads are over looked and all quotes are turned into orders.

  • As construction estimating specialists, IntelliBUILD will assist your business in order to ensure that your valuable inquiries turn into confirmed orders. By working with your sales staff, we can help you resolve any tendering issue’s which in turn will generate more sales for your business.


  • Supplier provides IntelliBUILD with building material prices.

  • IntelliBUILD creates a custom price file for the supplier to be  used in all estimate   reports prepared for customers.

  • Customer submits drawings to Supplier in electronic or paper  format sales staff   can calculate cost of estimate or forward drawings   to for a quote.

  • Customer confirms order, submits drawings and completed project questionnaire (supplied by Intellibuild) to Merchant.

  • Merchant takes payment from customer (or debits their account) and forwards documentation to Intellibuild.

  • Intellibuild completes the Building Cost Estimate within 5 working days and returns completed estimate to Merchant.

  • Merchant forwards estimate to customer and copy is used by Sales staff to follow up on sales of Building Materials.


The service is easy to implement and provides fully integrated 

Estimating Packages within your company, A brief of the overview implementation procedure is  as follows:



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