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What is an Inverter and Why you need it

An inverter is a piece of equipment that provides your home’s electronic devices with an uninterrupted power supply. Essentially, it takes direct current (DC) from a battery source, converts it into alternating current (AC) suitable for your home and supplies your home with power.

Inverters are available in different voltages and load capacities, depending on the appliances that you’re needing it to support.

How Does A Home Power Inverter Work?

An inverter is permanently connected to utility power. This means that while mains is present, the battery source is being recharged so that it is ready for the next power outage. The equipment that you want to continue using during the outage is also permanently connected to this system.

This system is fully automated and instantly switches over to the battery source in the event of a power failure.

This way, it is able to continue power supply to your equipment within 15 milliseconds. When the power comes back on, the whole procedure is reversed- the system switches back to the utility and the battery source begins charging.

Why You Need A Home Power Inverter

While an inverter has the same function as a generator, it can be argued that it is better in many ways. There are a number of advantages to installing an inverter for your home. All of which have convenience in common!

Unlike a generator, an inverter:

  • Is quiet

  • Requires no maintenance chores

  • Starts up automatically

  • Provides an uninterrupted power supply to your home

  • Has zero-running cost


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