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Upcycled materials make up this beautiful cabin retreat in Denmark

Located an hour outside of Copenhagen, this beautiful vacation home is tucked into a lush forest mere steps away from a beach. Designed by Nordhavn-based Lendager Group, the Holiday Cabin consists of five connected structures, all of which are constructed from upcycled waste materials found from demolition sites and local factories.

According to the architects, the five connected volumes were built with circular principles in mind out of respect for the pristine nature that surrounds them. As they designed the holiday rental, the designers searched locally to find discarded building materials. They found a great source of waste wood at a local flooring company, and several demolition sites allowed them to salvage old bricks to repurpose for the retreat.

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The cabin exterior, structural frame and exposed rafters are made from the waste wood. To prepare it for its new life in the cabin, the wood was treated in the Japanese traditional preservation of shou sugi ban. Not only does the 700-year-old practice add durability and resilience to the exterior, but dark cladding blends the home into the lush forest that surrounds the property.

In addition to the cabin’s reclaimed materials, the living spaces offer guests a gorgeous respite away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Each section of the holiday home offers uninterrupted sea views from the living areas and the outdoor terrace.

The entire structure is 1,700 square feet with five bedrooms, three living rooms and three bathrooms. The main living area is arranged in an open plan that it shares with a fully equipped kitchen and dining space. This living area also features several sofas and chairs positioned around a central fireplace. Floor-to-ceiling glazing and skylights allow natural light to filter throughout the interior.


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