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Salt bricks: the strong, sustainable alternative to cement

A professor at a University in Jerusalem has developed a process to turn excess salt into bricks. The process involves adding a patented mix of ingredients to prevent the salt from dissolving, grinding it, and compressing it into a brick. The resulting bricks are many times stronger than cement, and produce nearly zero carbon emissions during production.

Most of the world's salt is a waste product from desalination and heavy industry. Salt mountains, created by the disposal of waste salt, are a growing environmental problem. The process developed by the professor offers a simple and sustainable solution to this problem, while also addressing the environmental impact of cement production, which is responsible for between 8-9% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

The process is still in the development stage and is in need of funding to move forward. If successful, salt bricks could offer a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to cement, helping to reduce pollution from excess salt and lower carbon emissions from the building industry. The professor has already produced prototype bricks in his lab and is seeking funding to advance his research and build the first building made of salt bricks.

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