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Qatar to Create 16 Floating Hotels for the FIFA World Cup 2022

Located on Qetaifan Island North in proximity to Lusail International Stadium, which will host the opening and final games of the FIFA World Cup 2022, ADMARES and Sigge Architects are developing 16 floating hotels to serve tourists and fans that will be visiting Qatar.

Expecting a huge crowd of people, the Qetaifan Island North, the city’s main waterfront destination, is planned in order to provide “all the needs of the masses and tourists; with projects, facilities, and entertainment activities in addition to the fan villages during the tournament, which will include the floating hotels”. The hosting island spans approximately 1.3 million square meters with 830,000 square meters of attractions and seven beaches. With minimum ecological impact, the floating hotels are a sustainable solution to accommodate a large number of people.

Creating new valuable real estate on water, ADMARES generates innovative floating or pile-supported structures. The real estate company has teamed up with Finnish architect firm, Sigge Architects to design a modern and urban floating development, near Lusail City in Qatar. The 16 identical floating hotels, take on a unique design, with each building covering 72-meter-long and 16-meter-wide. Consisting of 101 guest rooms, a restaurant, and a lounge bar each, all of the 16 four-story hotels will offer a total of 1616 floating hotel rooms.


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