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Off-grid geodesic cabins by FUGU can handle harsh climates

From remote snow-covered mountains to idyllic beaches in far-flung corners of the earth, Parisian studio FUGU has you covered with its new line of geodesic cabins. The solar-powered cabins, which come in various sizes and can be customized, are made with durable, eco-friendly materials and designed to be resilient in almost any harsh climate.

While the structures are apt for any number of uses, FUGU’s geodesic cabins are primarily geared towards the hospitality sector. The domed cabins are the perfect solution for quiet retreats in remote areas, or even complimentary structures such as spas, gyms or office spaces.

With the smallest size coming in at just over 300-square-feet, the domes can be made to order at almost any size, but always put the environment first in their design. The modular cabins are also made out of environmentally-friendly materials that have proven resilient to almost any climate. Designed to run on solar power, the domes are equipped to go off-grid almost anywhere in the world.

The dome’s eco-friendly manufacturing consists of frames made out of engineered wood (CLT, LVL or glued laminated timber), meaning less CO2 emissions than a conventional building. Additionally, the structures are designed to be built off the landscape, on piles or elevated terraces, to limit their impact on the environment.

Due to their geodesic shape, which allows for optimal heat distribution and a significant heat flow exchange, the domes are inherently energy efficient. To provide a tight thermal envelop, the structures use reinforced insulation that not only avoids energy loss, but keeps the structures warm and toasty in the winter months and nice and cool during the summer.


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