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Modular tiny home on wheels can fit a family of 6

Although tiny home living has typically been geared to young couples looking to downsize, Barcelona-based creative studio, In-Tenta has used their savvy, space-efficient skills to show us that tiny homes can be a great choice for families as well. Their latest design, the TENZO, is a modular 430 square foot home on wheels that comfortably accommodates an entire family of six!

While most tiny homes are usually designed for two to four occupants, and maybe a pull-out sofa for guests, the TENZO tiny home is an outstanding design for families that would like to experience a more minimalist lifestyle.

At 430 square feet (40 m2), the structure isn’t much bigger than most contemporary tiny homes. A modular design, the three-bedroom home is built off-site, which reduces its impact on the environment. Additionally, the home is built on wheels, so there’s no need for a permanent foundation, further reducing its footprint.

But what makes this tiny home stand out is its strategic use of space. The space-efficient layout revolves around the central living space, which includes a lounge area, kitchen and dining space. At the heart of the home is the wonderful outdoor deck that leads into the interior via double sliding glass doors. Shaded by a unique set of sunshade sails, there is even an outdoor bar area that connects directly to the kitchen’s countertop.

For the interior, the main living room is light and airy with custom furnishings. An abundance of windows allows natural light and ventilation, while the sliding glass doors open completely to blend the indoor and outdoor spaces into one large lounge area.

The tiny home‘s three sleeping quarters are arranged around the main living space. There is a large master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and closet. On the other side of the design are two more bedrooms, one with two single beds and the other outfitted with a set of bunk beds — a perfect setup for family-style tiny home living.


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