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Laboratory facility proposal in the UK explores bio-material potential in urban development

Investigating the relationship between the environmental crisis and architectural activity, kyle crossley envisions the ‘damaged earth’ laboratory complex located in castlefield, in manchester, UK. the project explores bio-regeneration as a tool for future urban development, using natural systems for the creation of renewable energy, food, and bio materials while mitigating the harsh effects of climate change.

‘Climate change is the fundamental design problem of our time’ kyle crossley says. ‘the threats it poses are existential, and buildings are hugely complicit.‘ buildings consume 40% of energy in the UK, and account for nearly half of the annual global GHG emissions. carbon dioxide (CO2) is the chief agent of climate change, making buildings -and by association, the architecture profession- profoundly responsible.

‘As architects we are faced with a choice: we can remake our buildings, or, carry on business as usual and live with the consequences’ the architect shares. some of these consequences include wetter winters, rising sea levels, extreme flooding, heat waves and droughts.

'Damaged earth’ is designed to mitigate climate change by using natural air purifiers, renewable energy resources and sustainable food solutions. the 3 main facilities include algae-based research centres into both facade systems to create bio fuels, as well as kelp farms for nutritional experimentation.

The project will also include research facilities, looking into innovative bio-materials can be used and grown on architecture itself. new ideas will be tested by providing the specific growth conditions for vegetation on its various facing façades. several laboratories will also cater to the needs of expert scientists that will work, teach and discover technologies to battle global warming.


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