Is it better to buy or build or plot and plan in South Africa?

Trying to decide whether to buy an existing home or to build is tough. An existing home will probably come with a landscaped garden, services installed, and all fitting decisions already made. If the Deeds Office does its thing, the transfer should be a relatively quick process from the moment your offer to purchase is accepted.

But there are benefits in other approaches too, notes Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property.

Buying your own plot of land

There are a number of positives to buying a plot of land and building your dream home. You’ll save on transfer duty and can claim depreciation when it comes to taxes. The home will be built to your exact specifications, and you have the option to include modern energy and water-saving technology, internet connectivity/WiFi and more.

You won’t have the maintenance headaches that some older homes come with or have to spend extra to fix the previous owner’s questionable taste in bathroom tiles and other fittings.