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How to transform your home with colour

A smart homeowner chooses a paint colour that not only looks good, but that doesn’t need to be changed every year - a paint that lasts for a couple of years. A fresh coat of paint can do more than transform your home - it can completely alter its personality.

Research has shown that when putting your home up for sale, the colours you choose can have an impact on whether you will have a quick sale or not.

Giving your home a new, fresh look usually involves painting walls, but how do you go about choosing the ideal paint colour for your home? In order to select the right colour for the rooms in your home, it helps to understand the properties of both colour and paint.

According to Adrian Goslett of RE/MAX Southern Africa, colour plays a vital role in how buyers view your property. So before you rush out and buy a can of paint to get your house ready, save yourself the effort. Trends don't matter to buyers, they want to see a property at its - natural - best and not be put off by green walls and pink curtains.

Goslett states that neutrals are still the best colours to choose from your home - both inside and out, and neutrals not only look good if you're not selling but simply giving your home a new look.

Consequently, neutrals tend to work best as a rule of thumb. Sellers should understand that, depending on how far they adopt the latest trends, they could potentially limit their buying pool to a very specific market.

Softer colours naturally reflect light, making a space look much more open. On the other hand, darker colours tend to absorb light, giving a space a much more cramped look.

David Jacobs, Gauteng Regional Manager for the Rawson Property Group, shares that modern buyers definitely prefer light and bright colours, suggesting that repainting repainting old, dark cabinets a lighter or more modern colour can really open up a space.

It's a simple solution for spaces like refreshing your kitchen, and that your prep work is crucial.

"Solid wood cupboard doors can be sanded down using a palm sander before painting, while melamine cabinets need to be primed with a special primer before they’ll be ready to paint. Remember to remove the doors from the cabinets and take off all the handles and hinges before sanding and painting. Use a foam roller with a water-based enamel paint for the smoothest and long-lasting finish."

Here are some tips to help painting your home a lot easier:

1. Use the colour wheel

The colour wheel is made up of the following: The colours - colours which, in theory, are able to mix most other colours in the visible spectrum. The colour wheel also helps in matching and complementing your chosen finishes, curtains, couches and furniture.

2. Colour psychology

Research reveals that colour can be used to affect mood in such a way that you can alter the general feeling in a room simply by painting walls in a specific colour. For example, red has been shown to increase blood pressure and appetite, so it’s best to keep this colour out of the bedroom. Blue and green have a soothing and relaxed vibe, while yellow oozes happiness.

3. Room orientation

Take into thought the direction your room is facing when decorating your house, as the amount of light affects the appearance of paint colour.

Take colour paint colour swatches or tester pots when selecting the colour to paint, try these in the room and view them at different times of the day. You want to see how natural light affects the colour in a particular room or setting, and also to see colour under both natural and artificial light sources.

4. Try before you buy

If you want to test colours in action it is recommended to sampling before buying your paint. Buy a sample pot of paint, and test your favourite swatches near all the sources of light in a room. Test them on a piece of wood or drywall, and hold them up to your flooring, your tile, and other permanent fixtures (remember those?) to see how they’ll compare.

Striking this balance is the key to adding value to your home. When you understand the properties of paint and the effect that colour has on mood and atmosphere, you are better equipped at choosing the perfect paint colour for any room in a home.


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