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How to size your fireplace

Fireplaces are built and specified to heat a certain space. When sizing up a fireplace it’s important to take into account the insulation factor of the installed environment.

The experts share how you can correctly size a fireplace for your room:

Step 1

Calculate your room’s volume (m3).

Measure your room width, length and height. Multiply those figures with each other to get your room volume.

Step 2

Multiply the cubic metres (volume) by the relevant insulation factor below: Poorly insulated room: 0.06

Well-insulated room: 0.035

* The result, measured in kilowatts, is the minimum heat output required.

Why closed combustion?

Closed combustion refers to a fire burning behind a sealed glass door fitted with adjustable air controls that regulate the amount of air flowing into the combustion chamber. These air controls allow the user to regulate the combustion air and thus adjust the output of the fireplace. In an open combustion fireplace there is no control over combustion air, thus accelerating the combustion air intake as the temperature in the fireplace increases, resulting in heat loss through the flue outlet.

Unlike an open fire, a closed combustion fireplace is highly efficient and very economical. They use far less fuel (compared to an open fire) and transfers up to 90% of the heat back into the room rather than losing the heat through the flue outlet.

They also produce less ash and lower carbon emissions. Closed systems are safe as the glass prevents any smoke or other combustion gases coming into the room – so no smoky smells in your home or on your clothes!

Do I choose wood log or wood pellet system?

Do you enjoy lighting a fire, stoking the coals and experiencing the romantic ambiance of a natural wood-burning flame? If so, a wood log system is the way to go, but if you prefer an automated system that can be preset to switch on before you arrive home or wake up in the morning, can automatically maintain the temperature you have selected and requires very little maintenance, then a wood pellet system is the way to go.

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