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Eco-brick classroom for Diepsloot locals

A new 77m² classroom is somewhat unusual, having been built using 8.2 tons of plastic litter – also known as eco-bricks.

Before now, Khensani’s Collection was operating from a one-roomed zinc classroom. When Earthly Touch Solutions heard of their plight, especially considering social distancing regulations, they proposed an eco-brick structure.

Two-litre plastic bottles (16 000 in total) filled with non-recyclable litter or sand instead of bricks were used to build the classroom.

Executive director at Earthly Touch Solutions and Khensani’s Collection, Diana Musara said, “We identified people in the community to help us with building and showed Diepsloot that plastic bottles and litter can become someone’s home.

“There is also a ridiculous amount of litter at landfills. The bottles last longer than normal bricks and cost a fraction of the price. It’s all about turning something harmful into something positive.”

Musara added that the classroom took five weeks to build and she hoped the same method would be used to build low-cost homes in Diepsloot and even hospitals and malls in the coming years.

Founder of Khensani’s Collection Shera Deavall said she was excited about the potential of the organisation after the launch of the eco-brick classroom.

She explained that Khensani’s Collection was founded after assisting a mentee named Khensani. The organisation noticed the challenge that learners faced in the

Diepsloot area when trying to do homework in overcrowded conditions alongside other responsibilities at home. Khensani’s Collection provides a safe, quiet and focused space for learners to work without distractions. Now, thanks to the eco-brick classroom, learners can also socially distance when completing their online learning tasks at the centre after school.

Secretary of the Diepsloot Residents Association Akim Zulu said, “This initiative of building using eco-bricks is going to work well because plastic pollution can now be controlled.”


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