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Cost-effective new recycling solution transforms greywater into high-quality fresh water

A new patented German recycling technology is bringing an efficient solution to the recycling of greywater into fresh water suitable for human consumption.

The European Union-certified and approved sustainable and cost-effective recycling solution is ideal for the hospitality, retail, healthcare, education and residential sectors, said KPRN Aqua CEO Julia Kleber.

“Using new German systems and technologies, we are able to treat, recycle and remineralise greywater and other water sources into fresh water up to drinking quality.”

KPRN Aqua’s patented technology, which guarantees an independent supply of the highest-quality water at a fixed water price for an extended period, enables reductions in water supply and consumption costs.

“Even black water can be recycled in its own circle, reusing the recycled water for use in gardens and toilets, [besides others]," says Kleber.

Further, in areas with limited fresh water supply, the water from rivers, lakes, dams or desalination and purification plants can be transformed into quality fresh water.

“The water is treated with a unique carbon component developed by our technology partners in Germany. This patented technology is the only one of its kind that can deliver carbon-treated water that meets the quality standards and sanitary regulations of high-quality fresh water for use in showers and kitchens. It can even be further purified into drinking water to be bottled into branded mineral water,” explained Kleber.


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