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Artificial Intelligence in Construction

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the construction industry is a reality that offers unique solutions to improve productivity and performance. As the construction industry enters this new frontier of technology, it is important to understand what AI is and how it can be integrated into businesses to advance decision-making and strategic preconstruction planning.

AI has been made possible by advances in computing power, algorithms, and innovations in systems that combine these advances with the large sets of data produced by the construction industry. AI involves computers and systems that learn from experience to make machines do things that humans currently do, but better and faster.

AI is often used interchangeably with machine learning, a subset of AI that learns from experience, adapts, and improves performance without being explicitly programmed. Deep learning is another part of AI that is designed to extract maximum value from human processing of information through artificial neural networks, which are used to process large amounts of data and solve complex problems with limited human help.

Preconstruction in commercial construction involves a variety of people and teams collaborating and planning how a project will proceed. AI can be used in the preconstruction process to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the client's satisfaction by identifying and addressing the sequence of people and events needed to complete the project.

AI can be used in the pre-design or initial project planning and development phase to determine if a project is viable by identifying and analyzing risks with various data, including financial data, market data, and data on the project's potential impact on the environment. AI can also be used in the design development phase to improve the efficiency and quality of the process by providing new tools and techniques. In the construction documents phase, AI-based tools can automate the process of extracting, analyzing, and processing data from construction documents using natural language processing.

In summary, AI in construction is here, and it has the potential to transform the industry by offering unique solutions to improve productivity and performance in preconstruction planning and other phases of construction.

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