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American Startup Produces Blocks out of Difficult-to-Recycle Plastics

Plastic pollution is a major problem in the world. Single-use non-recyclable plastic products surround every area of our lives and cause real concern for societies impacted by this pollution. Many solutions have been sought out to this problem such as banning plastics altogether and engineering plants that can recycle all kinds of plastics. But still, the issue remains.

Now, a startup called ByFusion has come up with an innovation that can shape all kinds of plastics, even non-recyclable ones, into super-efficient and convenient building blocks, according to Fast Company. These blocks are called ByBlocks and they can be used in construction to build almost everything that engineers can conceive of.

To produce these eco-conscious blocks, ByFusion uses something called Blockers. This product, which the company calls ByBlocks, can be used in construction to build almost anything engineers can think of. Best of all, the plastic does not need to be pre-sorted or cleaned before it is squeezed, saving precious time and resources.

As a result, the company has produced 16-by-8-by-8-inch (0.4-by-0.20-by-0.2 meter) building blocks that come in three distinct models. The first model is designed with pegs that can interlock, the second is totally flat, and the third consists of a combination of the two.

The ByBlocks work just as well as cement blocks, they just have one catch: they are susceptible to sunlight. However, this can easily be solved by coating them in clear paint or pairing them with a mighty weather-resistant material.

ByFusion now has a full production unit in L.A. that can tackle up to 450 tons of plastic per year. It is estimated that the firm has recycled 103 tons of plastic to date and has ambitions to recycle 100 million tons by 2030. To achieve this impressive goal, 12 more Blockers are expected to be installed soon across the United States.

We just have one question: Can we get these Blockers across the world?


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