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7 easy DIY projects to refresh your home

Spring is only a month away and it's the perfect time to show off your new decor items and fresh look of your home. But before you'd want to rush and buy those new curtains or accessory for your coffee table, make sure you tackled some home projects during your spare time.

Here are easy projects you can take on to completely transform your home in a couple of days or less, and boost its value.

1. Build your own bookshelf

If you love reading novels or magazines, a book case is an integral part of your home décor. A bookshelf can come in countless shapes, sizes and at little-to-no-cost. You don’t need to fasten the bookshelf to the wall – a freestanding is easy to move and doesn’t require a hammer.

2. Kitchen facelifts

Is your kitchen more of a nightmare than a dream? There are many ways - requiring very little money to transform the heart of your home and without sacrificing meal preps for months on end. You can start small by swapping cabinets and knobs and then repaint cabinets with a fresh coat of paint.

3.Bring in some colour

Painting the interior home could be the most satisfying of all home decorating projects. It boosts the value of your home and gives it a fresher look while unmistakable upgrading in style. Whether it's painting a feature wall in a bold colour or adding some colour with artwork, a colour can upgrade a home and make it livelier.

4. Restyle your bathroom

Try a fresh coat of paint on your walls and ceilings, and replace old-school towel rails and accessories with more modern versions. You can also refinish your bathroom cabinets or replace your vanity entirely. Adding a few stylish mirrors or display shelves can be a great idea as well.

5. Add some plants in your living area

Indoor plants bring a touch of nature to your indoor spaces and help blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. It is so easy to improve the look of a room by adding just the right amount of greenery. If your living or dining room has a balcony or door to the outdoors, you can use this area to introduce a touch of nature with a few indoor plants. Indoor plants are available in so many different species and varieties that you have an almost unlimited choice of options to highlight the plants you can use to create a relaxing and calm setting.

6. Add some kerb appeal

Your front door - or walkway up to the entrance - is one of the first things any guest will see when visiting your home and sprucing these up does not need to cost an arm and a leg. If you want to make a good impression, or perhaps a statement, revamping your front door and adding a few planters filled with colourful or interesting plants will definitely do the trick.

7. Refresh your walls and create a gallery wall

Wall art is one of the easiest pieces of décor to DIY, since just about anything you have on hand can look cool when it’s stylishly hung or framed in your space. You can turn colourful scarves or throw blankets into eye-catching tapestries by hanging them with thumb tacks. Adding photos to your wall can also be a wonderful way to add personality to a living room and also create an interesting feature at the same time.


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