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6 easy and creative kitchen designs for small spaces

When your kitchen is compact and smaller than most, you need to be clever to make the most of every single bit of space available. A small kitchen doesn't mean that your options are limited, they just need a bit of careful thought and planning to get the most out of the available space.

Here are tips:

1. Make a big statement

Since the space you have to work with is on the small side, there are plenty of big ways and large ideas to let your kitchen stand out. The priority is to use colours that work together to provide an illusion of more space and make a small kitchen feel much larger than it is.

The colour of your walls can go a surprisingly long way towards determining the overall feel and aesthetic of a room. While there is no one rule for colouring a room to make it look bigger, there is a general guideline that should help you out a lot - think light.

Softer colours naturally reflect light, making a space look much more open. On the other hand, darker colours tend to absorb light, giving a space a much more cramped look. A fresh coat of paint won’t solve your counter space problems, of course, but it will make your kitchen feel a little bit roomier.

2. Ideas for a galley kitchen

In a galley-style kitchen, you will only have the use of a single wall, or space at one end of the kitchen, to use for storage space. Make as much use as possible of any wall that doesn't intrude on the floor space for cabinets and cupboards that will help with storage and organisation.

3. Distract the eye with bold flooring

In a small kitchen go all-out with bold tiling. A strong pattern on the floor distracts the eye and makes the room feel bigger. Every inch of this kitchen has been designed to make the most of the small space from the slim line appliances to the hanging pot plant. Hanging the copper planter is a great way to add some life and decoration in the kitchen without cluttering work surfaces, says Jennifer Ebert, Senior Content Editor at Homes & Gardens online.

4. Incorporate a small island

Even a small kitchen island offers additional countertop space that you can put to good use. Plus, when designed correctly, they can also provide essential storage for kitchen appliances and accessories. Design a kitchen island that features a drop-leaf countertop for prepping and as a breakfast bar, and that can be folded down when not in use.

5. Have plenty of storage

In a small kitchen you need to think creatively when it comes to storage. Instead of investing in ordinary shelves, this wire panel shelving from string maximises storage by adapting to your kitchen’s needs. Add in or take away shelves, hang glasses upside down and even introduce a wine rack. When space is at a premium you need to make sure every inch counts, says Ebert.

Too many people tend to forget about the walls in a small kitchen, yet these are perfect for adding more storage without taking up much-needed floor space. Cabinets and shelves on high walls can be filled with items you use, with less used items at the top and regularly used items lower down.

It's all about making use of the space you have and making the most of it. Before doing any work, sit down and draw a rough sketch of the kitchen, noting what will go where so that you know you will have enough space and everything fits where you want it.

6. Keep it organised

Countertops and open shelves that are filled with items lean towards a kitchen lacking in organisation. When you only have a small kitchen you need to be resourceful when it comes to keeping countertops uncluttered and shelves neatly organised. If you don't use it regularly, make sure to have a place where it can be stored and put away when not in use.


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